Where can you find the most beautiful islands of Indonesia? Enough travelers know Bali, Java and Lombok, but you realize that there is so much more to be found in Indonesia. If we are to believe Wikipedia there are around 25,000 islands that together form the archipelago of Indonesia. 25,000! That is really a huge amount. So to say 1, 2, 3 which are the most beautiful islands of Indonesia takes some time. We have listed our findings below and are very curious if you agree that these are the nicest and most beautiful islands!

Aanklikbare kaart van Indonesië

The enormous diversity of landscapes is a result of climatic and geological factors. For example, the islands of West Indonesia have always been covered with dense tropical rain forests, while the East Indonesian islands are much drier with even savannah landscapes. The largest part of Indonesia consists of low-lying coastal areas and coral reefs.
The ecological balance in the rainforest is seriously threatened by human activities or the consequences thereof. For example, logging takes place on a large scale, resulting in increasing erosion. In 1997, huge fires of rainforest were lost due to forest fires. The remaining forest area of ​​Indonesia covers approximately 60% of the total land area. This mainly concerns around 100 million hectares of tropical rainforest, the largest jungle area on earth after Brazil.
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