Where can you find the most beautiful islands of Indonesia? Enough travelers know Bali, Java and Lombok, but you realize that there is so much more to be found in Indonesia. If we are to believe Wikipedia there are around 25,000 islands that together form the archipelago of Indonesia. 25,000! That is really a huge amount. So to say 1, 2, 3 which are the most beautiful islands of Indonesia takes some time. We have listed our findings below and are very curious if you agree that these are the nicest and most beautiful islands!

Aanklikbare kaart van Indonesië

The enormous diversity of landscapes is a result of climatic and geological factors. For example, the islands of West Indonesia have always been covered with dense tropical rain forests, while the East Indonesian islands are much drier with even savannah landscapes. The largest part of Indonesia consists of low-lying coastal areas and coral reefs.
The ecological balance in the rainforest is seriously threatened by human activities or the consequences thereof. For example, logging takes place on a large scale, resulting in increasing erosion. In 1997, huge fires of rainforest were lost due to forest fires. The remaining forest area of ​​Indonesia covers approximately 60% of the total land area. This mainly concerns around 100 million hectares of tropical rainforest, the largest jungle area on earth after Brazil.

Wapen van Indonesië

The Indonesian coat of arms is called the Garuda Pancasila and consists of a Garuda with a shield on its chest. This shield shows the five principles of Indonesian national philosophy. The shield was designed by Sultan Hamid II of Pontianak [1] and has been in use since 11 February 1950.
The Garoeda has seventeen feathers on each wing, eight tail feathers and 45 neck feathers. Together it brings the independence day that Indonesia has: 17 August (the eighth month) (19) 45. The banner that holds the Garuda in its claws reads: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. What freely translated means “Unity in diversity” but can be more literally represented as “(Although) divided into pieces, yet one”.
The Pancasila is symbolized on the chest of the Garuda:
the star
the closed chain
the waringin tree
the banteng
the rice neck and cotton branch
Vlag van IndonesiëThe flag of Indonesia, also called Sang Merah Putih, is a simple two-tone flag with two equal horizontal bands, red (top) and white (bottom). This makes it almost the same as the flag of Monaco (the difference lies in the aspect ratio and color tone). The flag has been in use since August 17, 1945, the day the Indonesian government regards as Independence Day. The flag has not changed since then.

Embleem van Thailand

The emblem of Thailand is formed by the representation of a Garuda, in Hinduism and Buddhism a mythical creature, half human, half eagle. His torso, arms and head are human; its legs and wings are animal.

It is both the Thai state symbol and that of the Thai monarchy.

Flag of Thailand.svg

The national flag of Thailand consists of five horizontal stripes in the colors red, white, blue, white and red. The middle blue strip is twice as wide as the other four. The three colors of red, white and blue successively symbolize the nation, religion and the king. The flag was officially put into use on September 28, 1917. The Thai name for the flag is ธง ไตรรงค์ (Thong Trairong), which means tricolor flag




. .

Wapen van Italië

The emblem of Italy is, together with the Italian flag and the anthem Fratelli d’Italia, the symbol of Italy. The emblem is often regarded as a weapon, but strictly speaking it is not, since the design does not take into account rules from heraldry.

The emblem shows a white five-pointed star with a red border, with a gear in the background. This gear is between an olive branch (left) and a branch of an oak. The two branches are tied together by a red ribbon with the text “REPVBBLICA ITALIANA” (“Italian Republic”) in white letters; the V here stands for a U in the style of ancient Roman inscriptions.

The star is an ancient symbol for Italy and has been a symbol of the Italian kingdom since 1890. The steel gear refers to the first article of the Italian Constitution, which states: “Italy is a democratic Republic based on labor”. The olive branch refers as a symbol of peace to internal and external peace and to Article 11 of the Constitution, which states that Italy rejects war. The branch of the oak represents the strength and dignity of the Italian people. Oak and olive trees are also characteristic elements of the Italian landscape.

Vlag van Italië

The flag of Italy is a tricolor consisting of three equally wide vertical bands, starting from the pole in the colors green, white and red. For use at sea, the white strip must be equipped with the combined weapon of the four seafaring republics that later became part of Italy. It was only in March 2003 that the hues of the colors were determined and in 2006 these colors were adjusted to the current one.

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