Ambon city is by far the most important junction of the province and plays an important role for the whole of East Indonesia. Across the Bay of Ambon (Teluk Ambon) lies the Pattimura airport with scheduled flights to Makassar, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Ternate and Papua, among others. In addition, a number of Pelni Ferries visit the city. Public transport on the island itself consists of the Angkotan Kota, small vans that serve many destinations on the island from the Mardika Terminal near the city center.
The city has few tourist attractions and partly due to the violent conflict of a few years ago there are hardly any tourists. Although the city itself has little to offer for the average tourist, its location on the water and with its back to the hills is very beautiful.
Ambon city is very attractive to young people from the surrounding villages and islands, making the population very young. They mainly come to look for work. The main employer in Ambon city is the government and a job as a civil servant is highly sought after as it provides security, status and benefits (such as being able to help relatives). But for Moluccans who have been living in Ambon for a long time or were born there, the village of origin (of the family) remains very important for identity. During important village events or on public holidays, many Ambonese return to their family’s village..