The Banda Islands (Indonesian: Kepulauan Banda) form a group of ten [source?] Small volcanic islands in the Banda Sea and belong to the Indonesian island group the Moluccas and the province of South Moluccas. The population is around 15,000. The capital is Banda Neira, on the island of the same name. Until the mid-18th century, the Banda Islands were the only source for the nutmeg and mace spice from the nutmeg. The islands are nowadays a popular destination for scuba diving and snorkeling.


The last perkier on the Banda islands
350 years of VOC
The Van den Broeke family has been running their own nutmeg plantation on the Banda Islands for thirteen generations, once the most coveted place on earth. A special family history.

The Van den Broeke family remained, even when the Japanese confiscated all plantations on Banda and later when the Indonesian government did so again. That brings us back to Pongky’s father, Wim. The moment he started to tell about their history, he had just finished years of struggle with government agencies. That ended in a small victory for the family: part of Groot Waling – 12.5 of the original 43 hectares – they got back. The only one.
And now Pongky is the thirteenth generation of perks. He was not immediately enthusiastic about that. In “modern” Jakarta he had a job, he was just married. What was he supposed to do on a forgotten island? Until the Gunung Api erupted. For his father, no longer the youngest, it became increasingly difficult to maintain the plantation. Pongky received a telegram: come home. He tried to persuade his brothers and sisters, four in total. Could one of them not go? Nobody wanted to, and he was the oldest.