Halmahera (sometimes also called Jilolo, Gilolo, or Jailolo) is an island in the North Moluccas in Indonesia between Celebes and the province of Papua. It is the largest island of the Moluccas (17,780 kmĀ²), although Ceram is only slightly smaller, and has about 140,000 inhabitants. The highest point is 1630 meters. Both Muslims and Christians live on the island. The island is typically shaped and somewhat resembles a starfish in shape. There are a number of active volcanoes on the island. Next to Halmahera are the small but influential islands of Ternate and Tidore, each with its own sultan, and the islands of Makian, Batjan (Bacan) and Motir.
Fishing, hunting and agriculture are the main sources of income for most residents. The main products are spices, sago, rice, coconuts, resin and tobacco.