Indonesian city
Jayapura, formerly successively called Hollandia, Kota Baru and Sukarnopura, is the capital of the Indonesian province of Papua and also an urban municipality. The city is located on the north coast. There is a port with an important connection to Sorong in West Papua. Jayapura has high growth rates.
The city was founded in 1910 by the Dutch as an administrative center called Hollandia. During World War II, Jayapura was occupied by the Japanese. In 1944 the city fell into the hands of the Allied forces, after which General MacArthur gathered his troops in the city to liberate the Philippines. From 1949 to 1962, Jayapura was the capital of the colony of Dutch New Guinea. In 1963 the city fell into Indonesian hands after which it was called Sukarnopura. In 1969 the city was renamed Jayapura. Some buildings still remember this period, such as the hospital, the Paulus church, the Kloofkamp military base and the post office. In the state museum Negeri, beautiful objects about the indigenous peoples are exhibited.