Manado, called Menado in colonial times, is the capital of the province of North Celebes on the island of Celebes which is part of Indonesia. About 500,000 people live in the almost entirely Christian Manado. It is a trading city where coffee, wood and spices are traded. The main reason to visit Manado is a beautiful underwater world located just off the coast of North Sulawesi, the Bunaken National Marine Park. This world-class diving destination covers an area of ​​70,000 hectares and contains about 400 coral species, several shark species and moray eels also nestle among the lush coral gardens of Bunaken, while you can also see groups of barracudas and mackerels floating by. The breathtaking reefs of Bunaken are particularly suitable for macro enthusiasts and divers looking for larger sea creatures. You can only reach Bunaken via Manado, an important reason that many travelers visit this city.