Manokwari is the capital of the Indonesian province of West Papua. It is located in the northeast of the Bird’s Head in the Manokwari, a medium-sized town of 130,000 inhabitants, is located on Doreh Bay (also called Doré or Dorey). The name of the city is Numforees and means old village. Manokwari was founded in 1898 as one of the first Dutch administrative posts in Dutch New Guinea. The site was inhabited by coastal residents related to the residents of the islands of Numfor and Biak. The offshore island of Mansinam is part of the urban area of ​​Manokwari.
Until 2003 it was located in the province of Papua, in 2003 during the rule of President Megawati Soekarnoputri Papua was divided into Papua and West Irian Jaya, the latter was renamed West Papua in 2007.