Sukabumi is a city in the province of West Java, Indonesia with 318,117 inhabitants and an area of ​​48 km². Sukabumi is the capital of the regency Sukabumi and is located about 90 kilometers by road south of the capital Jakarta and about 70 kilometers by road west of Bandung.
Curug Awang is the biggest waterfall and is a trademark of Ciletuh Geopark. Curug Awang is the first waterfall of the Ciletuh River and in the highest order. Because of that, this waterfall is called Curug Awang. “Awang” in Sundanese means “Space”. In addition to this waterfall, there are two other waterfalls that are still in one river, namely Central Curug and Puncak Manik Waterfall.
The uniqueness of this waterfall is its very large and wide size. If in the rainy season, the flow of the water from this waterfall will be very heavy and will cover the entire cliff from end to end. Because of this uniqueness, people call this waterfall a miniature of Niagara Falls in America. This waterfall has a height of about 40 meters and a width of 60 m. The best time to enjoy the natural beauty of Curug Awang is when the rainy season arrives.