Ternate is an island (pulau) within the province of North Moluccas in Indonesia, near Halmahera. It is 110.7 km² in size and has 16,058 inhabitants (2002) [1], the majority of whom live in the city (Kota) of Ternate on the southwest side of the island. The highest point is the active stratovolcano Gamalama (1715 m; last eruption in 2014).
The urban municipality of Kota Ternate encompasses a larger area (249.75 km² of land and 5,547.55 km² of water) which also includes the smaller islands of 8 Mayau (78.4 km²), Moti (24.6 km²), Tifure (22.1 km²) , Hiri (12.4 km²) and the uninhabited islands of Gurida (0.55 km²), Maka (0.5 km²) and Mano (0.05 km²) belong [2] and according to the urban municipality counts 120,865 inhabitants (2002) [ 1], although the 2000 census gives a population of 152,114 inhabitants. [3] An estimate by the Indonesian CBS gives a number of 156,735 (2005). [4]
The city of Ternate, including suburbs, spreads over 10 kilometers between Babullah Airport on the northeast side of the island and Bastiong Harbor in the southeast. On a hill near the city, on the foundations of an older Malaysian fort, is the large Fort Oranje, built in 1607 by the Dutch and home to the United East India Company, before it was moved to Batavia (Jakarta) around 1619. On the northeast corner of the island is the old Portuguese and later Dutch Fort Tolukkoen by the sea, Fort Kalamata can also be found. The trading center spans 2 kilometers from the bus terminal near Fort Oranje, to the Ahmad Yani port, where the Pelni ships arrive. The sultan’s current palace, which was built in 1796, is now partly a museum.